Mesabi Trail

Trail Conditions & Updates

Gilbert to OHV Park 2017-10-16

Approximately 200 yards of asphalt has been temporarily removed for adjacent construction. Trail is still open, you will encounter gravel in this area.

Bridge Open Between Virginia & Gilbert 2017-10-02

After two years of MAJOR construction, Hwy 53 between Virginia & Eveleth is now open. And the Mesabi Trail is now open as well! The relocated Trail now crosses one of the tallest bridges in Minnesota. The views are breathtaking - be sure to make it part of your Mesabi Trail adventure!!

2017 Fall Colors 2017-08-23

2017 Fall Colors in Northern Minnesota: As predicted by the Farmer’s Almanac - Oct. 1st thru 17th, According to the Minnesota DNR, exact timing and brilliance of fall colors depends on conditions during both the summer and fall. Warm, moist summers, and warm and sunny falls with cool nights that do not fall below freezing, lead to the most brilliant colors. Yellow and orange colors appear in the early fall, while reds and purples appear late in the fall, due to the compounds breaking down in the leaves. Cloudy, rainy falls can cause the color in the leaves to leech out, and cool, wet summers can lead to early displays of color, while dry seasons can cause leaves to brown quickly or turn tan and bronze. We’ll keep you posted. Here they come! August 28th - Just starting in spots. September 7th - Beautiful weekend coming up, highs in the 70's, lows in the mid 40's. Not a lot of color yet. Sept. 14th - Reds and oranges are starting, supposed to rain all weekend. Tuesday, Sept. 26th.....looks like a nice weekend coming up, highs in the mid 60's, low's in the mid 40's. Next two weeks predict rain every day :-( More color going east from Grand Rapids to Keewatin - about 50-75%, mostly golds from Keewatin to Eveleth and more color again from Eveleth going east. With the wind and rain we've had, leaves are falling quickly. Wednesday, October 4th - looking like this upcoming weekend could be peak. Temps predicted in the mid 50's, lows 35-40. October 5th was the first hard frost. Low lying bushes are brilliant. October 11th - Mostly just golds left. Friday, the 13th! - Cool & wet weekend predicted with chance of flurries in some spots. Tamaracks are beautiful. October 17th - Very windy yesterday, leaves are just about over. October 23rd - Gone :-(

2017 Construction 2017-04-18

New construction slated for 2017 - 1.5 miles from Soudan to existing 3.5 miles through the Lake Vermilion Soudan Underground Mine State Park. 8.5 miles near Eagles Nest Lakes & Bearhead State Park.