Mesabi Trail

Welcome to the Mesabi Trail

Located in northeastern Minnesota, the Mesabi TrailTM is a premier bicycle trail winding through some of the most scenic parts of the state. Currently over 135 miles of trail offers convenient accessibility at numerous entry points.

When completed, this well-mapped and well-maintained trail will traverse over 155 miles connecting 28 communities, making it one of the longest paved trails in the United States.

Travel through forests, past streams and creeks found between rolling hills, all teeming with wildlife and birds. Grand heaps of earth provide man-made mountains that are becoming regrowth forests lining the edges of some of the world's largest mines. Explore historic buildings, mining artifacts, early industry, ethnic and cultural  history, plus other treasures well worth the discovery.

Partially built on old railroad beds, old logging and mining roads, guests will find a 10 foot wide bituminous surface (asphalt paving). Great for summer activities such as biking, inline skating hiking or walking. Winter activities may include fat tire biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and winter hiking - but the trail is not groomed for these activities. Some portions of the trail offer snowmobile access.

Many campgrounds and local parks are easily accessible from the trail, highways, and nearby communities. Food, lodging, shopping, golfing, swimming, canoeing and fishing are all in close proximity to segments of the trail, with communities and services available near all entry points.


SPECIAL NOTE - After two years of construction, the Mesabi Trail is now open between Virginia & Gilbert. Don't miss this opportunity to cycle across one of the tallest bridges in Minnesota - you will be amazed by the view!

Bridge Daze


Wheel Pass - REQUIRED

A wheel pass is required for all trail users 18 and older on wheels. Passes may be purchased online, at any wheel passes vendor along the trail or at entry point self pay boxes.

Thank you for your support of the Mesabi Trail through the purchase of your annual or 3-day pass!