Mesabi Trail

The Land of Mesabi

You, too, can discover the unique treasures that are the legacy of the Land of Mesabi.

The rugged landscape resulting from generations of iron ore mining contrasts with the natural wilderness to provide a unique setting for a variety of year-round activities - from hunting and fishing to hiking and snowmobiling.

The Mesabi TrailSM is one of many attractions that gives you a first-hand glimpse of this living and ever-changing legacy. Each of the 28 communities along the trail also offer their own unique treasures. Discover and explore these communities as you traverse the trail, and you'll soon see why the area's people have chosen to live in this grand and special land - a land that showcases three distinct time elements:

The Past - where nature is still a wilderness to be experienced, not just seen.

The Present - where people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and a strong work ethic join together to develop skills and technologies for tomorrow.

The Future - where communities participate in a unified effort to tap into the collective resources of this dynamic area - The Land of Treasures, The Land of Mesabi.

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