Mesabi Trail

Trail Conditions & Updates

2020 Fall Colors September 14, 2020

September 14th - just starting to turn. September 18th - Heavy frost last evening. Looks like a beautiful couple of weeks coming up... temps in the 60's, lows in the 30-40 range. September 24th - Wow! ... it's happening way to quick this year......local news channels are predicting this weekend to be peak. September 29th - They're still hanging on, a couple of windy days coming up. Temps in the mid 40's this week. Predicting high 50's next week. October 6th - Reds & oranges are gone, yellows still hanging on. High for temps in low 60's for the weekend. October 12th - They're gone!

Buhl Detour August 17, 2020

Watch for the orange bike detour signs as you are traveling through Buhl.

Virginia Detour July 13, 2020

Starting July 14th - watch for a detour in Virginia. Instead of traveling through Olcott Park (by the hospital), signs will be directing riders straight down 9th St No, rejoining the Mesabi Trail just past Waschke Auto Plaza. NOTE: You can still ride the Trail through Olcott Park and along Silver Lake (near Natural Harvest). The actual trail being reconstructed is around Baileys Lake, disrupting connectivity.

2020 Construction May 21, 2020

Three sections of Trail are scheduled for construction this summer, actual completion dates are not available...but we will keep you posted. 1. 9.5 miles from Embarrass to Kugler Township - this will leave about 6 miles left to connect to Tower. No route identified for the remaining 6 miles yet. 2. Two miles from the section just past the Lake Vermilion State Park (Soudan) to Trygg Rd. This leaves about a 1.5 mile gap to the 5.5 section of Trail starting at the Eagles Nest Town Hall. 3. Three miles near Ely from Cty Rd 88 to Hwy 169. We're getting closer and closer to Ely...maybe another 3-5 years before the trail is completed.

Majority of Trail Open April 27, 2020

As of today about 90% of the Trail is open. Our staff is working everyday to clear away the winter debris. Watch for patches of ice & snow yet in the shady areas. With warm weather & rain this week, it should all be clear very soon.

New Trail Section Ready for 2020 January 29, 2020

The newest 3.5 mile portion of completed Trail starts at Hwy 135 (just past Giants Ridge) and ends at Palo Tia Road in Embarrass. This section of Trail crosses the Embarrass Wetland Complex and Darwin Myers State Wildlife Management Area via a 3/4 mile long floating bridge. The last 1/2 mile of this section, from the end of the bridge to Palo Tia Rd is gravel, this small section will not be paved because it crosses the Wildlife Management Area.

2019 Fall Colors September 4, 2019

September 4th, just starting, very spotty....temps this week in the 60's, lows in the 40's. September 11th - getting a little more color, weekend temps Saturday 65/49, Sunday 73/55 and partly cloudy. September 17th - Colors happening quickly, temps this weekend days 60's, evenings 50 with scattered showers. Colors should be beautiful. Follow the Color: For weekly updates on where to find peak fall color, visit (888-VISITMN). September 25th -according to our local weather channel, leaves are about 50%-75% peak. September 26th -First frost. October 4th - This weekend looks like it’s going to be or getting very close to peak. Tuesday, October 8th - They are still hanging on, but with high winds the next two days should just about be the last of them, with snow predicted for the weekend! October 10th - Oranges & reds are down, golds still hanging on. October 14th - snowed this past weekend, it didn't stay...temps slated to be in the low 50's by midweek ....leaves are just about over. October 21st - They're gone :-(

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