Mesabi Trail

Babbitt, MN

Entry Point

For access to the Mesabi TrailTM (see map)

About Babbitt

Babbitt is located about 100 miles from Duluth. State route 21 leads through Embarrass to Babbitt and into the Bear Island State Forest area. Babbitt is on the Vermilion Iron Range. Outdoor activities are extemely popular in Babbitt. A new bike trail has been completed and the beaches and campgrounds are very nice and easily accessible. There is abundant access to water and multiple scenic forest areas. The Superior National Forest is nearby, offering a variety of additional outdoor activities.


The beauty of this area is its big attraction. A golf course is located in town and there are many walking and hiking trails nearby. Campsites are available and area lakes are well known hot spots for fishing and other water activities. This area is adjacent to thick forests.


Babbitt has grocery stores, gas stations, and most other major services. There are restaurants and lodging facilities available.

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