Mesabi Trail

Bovey Access Point Map

Bovey, MN

Entry Point

For access to the Mesabi Trail from Highway 169, take 2nd Ave. W. or 2nd Street exits west to 2nd street.  Turn north onto 1st Ave. W.  Trail access is on left, and parking is available on 1st Ave.

About Bovey

Along the Trail, 10 miles east of Grand Rapids lies the community of Bovey. Trout Lake is a short half mile jaunt between Bovey and nearby Coleraine that boasts two boat launches and a public beach.


Bovey is perhaps most noted in recent years as the town where the world-renowned photograph "Grace" was taken. It shows an older, bearded gentleman seated at a table with his head bowed in prayer. Local portrait photographer, Eric Enstrom, took the photograph. He felt inspired to take the classic photograph when he saw this man walking down the street whom he felt was perfect. The man agreed to pose for the photo, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Restaurants, shopping, a market and gas station.

Amenities available in the community of Bovey

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