Mesabi Trail

Embarrass, MN

Entry Point

This area of the Mesabi TrailTM is still under development.

About Embarrass

Embarrass is an interesting mixture of climate, history, and heritage. It is located on two watersheds - the Pike River and the Embarrass River - and supports a large variety of wildlife. It is commonly known as the coldest place in America during the winter months when temperatures can reach 60 degrees below zero!

The Embarrass River, once traveled by voyageurs, runs through the area. Embarrass is one of the communities within our Land of the Mesabi area that is served by other trails which are great for outdoor adventures.


Embarrass retains a uniquely Finnish-American feel.  The town is also known for its old log homes and homesteads bringing it national fame.  Some of these homes allow tours from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Embarrass is also home to the Darwin Myers Wildlife Management Area, a great spot for birding. 


Embarrass has a campground and liquor store.

Amenities available in the community of Embarrass

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