Mesabi Trail
Soudan Access Point Map

Soudan, MN

Entry Point

For access to the Mesabi TrailTM from Hwy 169, turn north into Breitung Monument Park. Parking and restrooms are located here. 

A brand new section of 3.5 miles of Trail was completed in the  fall of 2014 through the new Lake Vermilion State Park. In 2015 another 1.5 miles will be completed connecting to Soudan.

About Soudan

On the Trail, three miles east of Tower is the town of Soudan. Originally, Soudan was a settlement for miners after a hard day's work. Today it still retains much of that history and highlights its beautiful natural surroundings. Located on the shores of Lake Vermilion, the area offers excellent fishing and other water activities.


One of Soudan's most popular attractions is the Soudan Underground Mine State Park. It was the first mine to produce iron ore in the area. Visitors can go underground on a guided tour and afterwards can enjoy themselves in the beautiful park. In February, Soudan and Tower celebrate Long John Days, a festival for people who refuse to let winter stop them from enjoying the outdoors. There are vendors, tournaments and family fun for everyone. A Wild Rice Festival during Labor Day weekend attracts many visitors, complete with crafts and entertainment. Soudan also holds a 4th of July celebration.


Soudan has limited services. A general purpose store where groceries, gas, and other supplies are available. The nearby city of Tower has most other services.

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