Mesabi Trail

Sparta, MN

Entry Point

For access to Mesabi TrailTM see the map for Gilbert. The Mesabi Trail travels through Sparta and is easy to access, but there are no specified entry points, parking, nor any provisions at this time.

About Sparta

On the Trail, located between Eveleth and Gilbert just south of Hwy 37, lies the town of Sparta, originally Gilbert.  When iron ore was discovered underneath the town of Gilbert, the mining companies paid to move the town. Today, there are some older homes remaining in Sparta, interesting to those looking to learn more about the history of the area.


Sparta's history is unique to many people because the small community is an example of an old mining town. The area around Sparta is generally new growth forest, man-made and natural rolling hills. Situated on the Laurentian Divide, a drop of water split in half would travel in two directions; north to Hudson Bay, and southeast to Lake Superior and on to the St. Lawrence Seaway.


There are no facilities located in Sparta, but it is considered a part of Gilbert, which offers restaurants, a campground, and many other outdoor activities.

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