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  • Pioneer Mine Headframe & Water tower - Ely
  • Bruce Mine Headframe outside of Chisholm. This underground mine headframe hoisted low-grade ore 300 feet to the surface in it's day.
  • Veteran's Park Entrance - Eveleth Ely Lake Campground
  • Veteran's Park Camp Sites - Eveleth.
  • Chisholm's Avenue of Flags
  • Chisholm Museum of Mining
  • Chisholm Museum of Mining Entrance - This structure along with a wall, castle with fireplace on site and entrance point into Chisholm were built in the 1930's by men of the Work Project Association (WPA) a program of Franklin D. Roosevelt to put men to work.
  • Visit the Loggers Camp at the Forest History Center in Grand Rapids
  • Birthplace of Judy Garland - Grand Rapids
  • Old Central School in Grand Rapids has plenty of shopping!

Displaying 1 - 12 of 32
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