Mesabi Trail

Event Schedule

Friday, July 31, 2020

6:00 - 9:00 pm
Olcott Park


6:00 - 10:00 pm
Other Locations


                  #1 Grand Rapids - Itasca County Fairground

                  #2 Marble - School

                  #3 Hibbing - Greyhound Bus Museum          

  • Bicycle drop-off in Virginia - Olcott Park (finish line) for FREE transport to secure overnight storage at all four start points.
  • Or do-it-yourself bike drop off at start locations in Grand Rapids, Marble or Hibbing (Buhl riders come to the finish line at Olcott Park in Virginia) for overnight storage.

All riders must do a final registration on Friday night or Saturday morning to receive their tour packet - including tour wrist band, maps, safety information and to confirm you have signed your liability waiver.

Since this is not a circular tour route, you will be starting and ending your ride at different locations.  The goal Saturday morning is to have your bike at your chosen start
location - we can transport it for you on Friday night from the finish line, or you can drop it off yourself Friday night or Saturday morning at your start location. 


Bring your vehicle to the finish line on Saturday morning and we will transport you by bus to your start location, where your bike is waiting. When you complete the tour your vehicle will be waiting for you at the finish line and you can head for home at your convenience.


For more details - rider information packet will be available in February.


Saturday, August 1,2020

Registrations are accepted on tour day, prior to designated start times at any start location or the finish line (cash or check only).  Register before July 22 to save the $15 per person late registration fee. If you are registering on tour day, be sure you have a good understanding of the transportation system for bikes and riders. All transport is in the morning - NOTHING at the end of the day.



Bicycle Drop-Off and Registration  

6:00 - 10:30 am Final registration at the finish line at Virginia - Olcott Park (you can also go to any start point)
5:30 - 9:00 am Final registration at Grand Rapids - Itasca County Fairground (Route #1), do-it-yourself bicycle drop off for secure storage until the tour begins
6:30 - 10:00 am Final registration at Marble  - School (route #2), do-it-yourself bicycle drop-off for secure storage until the tour begins
8:30 - 11:30 am Final registration at Hibbing - Greyhound Bus Museum (route #3), do-it-yourself bicycle drop-off for secure storage until the bike tour begins
9:30 - 12:00 pm Final registration at Buhl - Stubler Beach (route #4), do-it-yourself bicycle drop-off for secure storage until the tour begins


7:00 am

 FREE Rider Transportation from Finish Line to Start Points

To Route #1 - Grand Rapids

8:00 am To Route #2 - Marble
10:00 am To Route #3 - Hibbing
10:30 am To Route #4 - Buhl


 8:00 - 9:00 am

 Start Times for Each Route

Route #1 - Grand Rapids (67 miles)

9:00 - 10:00 am Route #2 - Marble (50 miles)
10:30 - 11:30 am Route #3 - Hibbing (26 miles)
11:00 - 12:00 pm Route #4 - Buhl (14 miles)


 11:30 - 5:00 pm

Finish Line Activities  Virginia - Olcott Park

Picnic Dinner

12:30 - 5:00 pm Outdoor concert


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