Mesabi Trail

The Ride

The Great River Energy Mesabi TrailTM Tour (Saturday, August 1, 2020) is designed for families and serious trail riders alike.  Four starting points allow riders to customize their routes from 67 to 14 miles. 

Whichever start point you choose, you'll encounter historic & scenic points of interest, and food & music along the way. At the end of the day, celebrate at the finish line with a picnic lunch and more music! To make the deal even sweeter, transportation for you and your bike is on us!

Registration for the Tour includes:

  • Your choice of four different routes - all leading to the finish line at Olcott Park in Virginia (note...the tour route changes every year)
    67 miles from Grand Rapids   (always at least a metric century)
    50 miles from Marble
    26 miles from Hibbing
    14 miles from Buhl
    Pedal just a couple of miles past the finish line to ride across (or just view) the tallest bridge in Minnesota via the Mesabi Trail...the view is guaranteed to be worth those few extra miles (just about 4.5 round trip)!!

  • Music - music - music!
    Live local entertainers perform at most start points and at the finish line.

  • Food - food - and more food.
    Enjoy food & refreshments at all start points and rest stops, plus a picnic dinner with vegetarian options at the finish line.

  • T-shirt for each participant.

  • Three Day Mesabi Trail Wheel Pass (use your tour wrist band as your three day pass).

     Keep in mind that this is NOT a circular route - you will be starting and ending in two different spots. The goal is to get your bike to your chosen start point and your vehicle to the finish line - you can do it yourself or take advantage of our bike & rider transportation.

    If you need lodging, staying near the finish line will be the most convenient to take advantage of our transportation options.  NOTE - lodging facilities fill up quickly...make your reservations early.

  • Transportation of Bicycles from the finish line to all start points:  
      Show up at the finish line with your bike on Friday night, and we'll wrap it, load it on a truck and transport it for FREE to your chosen start location for secure overnight storage.

      If you would rather not have us transport your bike, you can drop it off yourself at your chosen start location on Friday night or Saturday morning.
                 (See the Event Schedule for exact times & locations)
  • Transportation of riders from the finish line to all start points:
      Come to the finish line on Saturday morning to catch FREE bus transportation to your chosen start location. If you shipped your bike the night before, it will be there waiting.

      When you arrive at the finish line at the end of tour, your vehicle will be there waiting for you, and you can leave at your convenience after enjoying a great meal and some great music.

  • Of course you can always make your own transportation plans for bikes and riders, just check out the Event Schedule to coordinate your plans.






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